Welcome to Kazan! I want to tell you about sight of Kazan which represents the whole area, bears in myself historical and architectural value. It is the Old-Tatar settlement in Kazan.

Welcome to Kazan! I want to tell you about sight of Kazan which represents the whole area, bears in myself historical and architectural value. It is the Old-Tatar settlement in Kazan.

The old-Tatar settlement – the historical area in the center of Kazan. The unique image of the settlement is created thanks to its arrangement on the right coast of the lake Nizhny Kaban.

Emergence of the Old-Tatar settlement is connected with a gain Ivan IV Groznym of Kazan. In the XVIII century outstanding figures of the Tatar people lived in the Settlement: intellectuals, clergy, merchants and industrialists. The center of the Old-Tatar settlement is Yunusovskaya Square called in honor of a family of merchants of Yunusovykh Zdes in the XVII century – the beginning of the XVIII century there was a Muslim cemetery. The area appeared as a result of construction on the basis of the new plan of Kazan approved by Ekaterina II.

The first place about which I will tell you, will be Mardzhani's mosque - the oldest stone mosque of Kazan, construction of 1767. Interestingly that till this year Tatars weren't allowed to build stone mosques. All decided thanks to the decree of empress Ekaterina II who just in 1767 made travel across Russia and stopped by in Kazan. Originally the mosque was called as Efendi (that is translated as "Lord's"), but it several times changed the name. I was both the Yunusovsky mosque, and the First parishional, Mardzhani's her modern name.

The following - the Apanayevsky mosque. The name was received by name by merchants Apanayevs containing it. In Soviet period, a minaret of this mosque it was demolished. The general space is divided into 3 floors. There the kindergarten settled down. And only in 1995 restoration which is successfully finished began.

Shamil's house — one of the most beautiful buildings in Kazan and the Old-Tatar settlement. His facade is designed in the form of a medieval castle with numerous jewelry and a decor and has something in common with traditions of national architecture.

The initial building, unique on the architecture, was subjected to changes, that is the house was reconstructed according to G.B.Rush's project.

Now in the building there is a literary museum of G. Tukaya.

Burnayevsky mosque following on a route. It was constructed in 1872, in very interesting style. On a legend, merchant Burnayev very much liked to travel. And on the money I constructed a mosque in the Turkish style which costs still and pleases the eye of citizens of Kazan and city visitors.

Azimovsky mosque. The most beautiful ancient mosque of Kazan. One is bad — this its site. There is it in an industrial zone "Nefis —cosmetics". It is constructed in style of eclecticism of the national and romantic direction in 1887 — 1890 on a place of the old wooden mosque existing since 1804. Construction is carried out on means of merchant M. M. Azimov.

In the Old-Tatar settlement a large number of lodges of the Tatar merchants which still stand in the original form: from a tree and painted, under national color. However not everything is so good as it seems. A large number of houses of the Tatar merchants stand ownerless and dilapidated though on them there are plates that it is monuments of architecture and they are protected by the state.

In the Old-Tatar settlement the literary museum of the Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukaya, a house museum of educator Kayum Nasyri is open for visit, the Tatar academic theater of a name of Galiaskar Kamal is located.

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