Functional of the Project

2.1. According to this TOR, the functional scope of the Project includes following are as:
ü Training user preparation
ü Changes for process as required by the new law
ü Automation for VAT posting
ü Business process support

2.2. To the date of confirmation of this TOR the following labor intensity for the Project implementation, in terms of man-days, has been calculated:

Task Scope of work, man-day
20% of risk budget due to fixed price

2.3. The Customer may decide to include any additional processes to the scope of the Services. The Customer is obliged to notify the Executor on such intentions in writing by preparing and submitting an amendment request to the Executor. The Executor, in return, is entitled to notify the Customer if such additional processes are associated with additional efforts, expenses and/or changes in the period of service provision. In such a case, if additional processes are associated with variations in scope of services, time framework, cost of services, additional expenses, then all corresponding changes should be approved by the Parties by concluding a Supplementary TOR to the present TOR.

Duration of services provision

3.1. The Executor begins providing services under this TOR no later than ___, 2009.

3.2. The Executor is entitled to complete all work under this TOR in time, no later than __, 2009. If the time frames alterations are caused by the Customer, the period of services provision should be extended for a period no longer than the actual delay on the part of the Customer.

Place of services provision

4.1. Places of the workgroup location are the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg. Moreover, the services are to be provided at the territory of the Customer. In the event of services provision on the condition of the remote access, the services are provided at the territory за the Executor in St. Petersburg.

4.2. The work of the Executor, the performance of which does not require his presence at the Customer’s Office, may be made in remote mode, if preliminarily agreed by the Parties.

4.3. The Customer is obliged to provide an access to his territory at address below for the employees of the Executor from 9-00 to 20-00 during working days. Off-hour work of the Executor’s consultants should be additionally agreed by the Parties.

Place of the services provision in the Russian Federation:

__________________________________________ (territory of the Customer)

X Detskaya str., St. Petersburg, 199026, Russian Federation (territory of the Executor).